Sunday, November 30, 2008


do i creep for sadness?darkness reveal the truthneither i nor you knowi have passed by the same placeagain and again with a wish tosee you ,see you with out your knowledgesee you in my self , see you as u r .....afraid if u get hurt withdraw completelyfear had killed me many timebut still i couldn't save youi don't know if i lost you or got you in new wayand that's for ever , equation of my idealism going thinnernow am not afraid of loosing , i don't creep for sadnesschoose not chase illusion any more , i walk a lonely roadlonely but not left out , realization comes to me as younothing is immortal every thing has to go that's the truthand its taught to digest the truth ,truth is the eternal beautythat's for ever not you neither me ,memories meant to fadeits designed that way for a reason . reason to live reason tobreath , reason to love ,reason to hate ,reason to laugh ,reason to cry expectation brings desire and desire kills the truthi expect you to stay, who am i to expect ?can i stop the passing clouds ?can i stop the running time? but they are the truth that's realitythe gap widen in between ,my desperate soul grasp forbreath some time i doubt what is true love is it solidliquid plasma gaseous is it green red white or blackis it u or just me , is it money is it security is it physicalis it mental is it any thing at all !!the mirror laugh at me says look at you , you die for somethingwhich is never yours, i reply back what was those glorythose passionate moments are the reality or illusion ,time must saytrust worthy time let me now walk the lonely road a few penny in mypocket a empty soul and the desire to know the unknown ....will you walk beside me just the loneliness and few mixed memories ....waiting for their turn to get faded awaylong wait just long wait ......what we want we want by mistake , what we get we never wantjust a wait a long wait ..........once you told me life is not a moviebut still i wish , but still i love to dreameyes open ... wide open just the lonely roadam not alone any more road ahead .....

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whocares said...

love your poem :)
waiting for more..