Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ora Prokritir Shishu


E aamaar, O shudhu tor

Tai niye torko bibhor-

Chahida, Pod-Podobi

Raat theke bhor.

Saradin katche naa ghor,

Jote ba jamete jor

O aamaader, tora Oder

Bishleshone, efor-ofor:

Kotha Oi Nangto Meyeti

Snane jol pother pare,

Mononer mohon kunj-e

Prokritir drishti kaare;

E Maati, Ei Prithibi -

Keboli, Or - shudhu Or.




He's just mine, they are just yours

Debate is all that's for:

Demands and riches to earn,

Day-night...Just give me more.

The're mine, Yours are they:

That's all we fight for, that's all we could say-

While that nakedly girl

Bathes in the street of life-

Feeling bliss deep in my heart

It only nature that thrives;

This and the whole Universe

It's only hers, It's only hers.

In response to a picture of a blissfully nature gifted naked girl's picture, bathing in the streets of Kolkata, which could only give me the thought of "Purity" as the picture could be named, clicked by Kris - an ace photographer. Some ugly brains, who are disgrace to human race, could not feel or see the bliss but Vulgarity as they may have only those eyes and finally FB removed the pictures. Which is shamefull. THis peom written by me is in Bengali, but would soon post an English version for all my friends.

--by Koushik Chatterjee

A documentary film maker and character artist by profession by heart a poet

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